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LingQ Website

LingQ Website

LingQ is an online language-learning platform with over 1,000,000 members from all around the globe. We currently offer 21 languages, and are continually adding new languages.


LingQ is a vibrant community of passionate, enthusiastic language learners and native speaker tutors. The combination of awesome people and effective methodology make LingQ the best place to learn a language.

Our Story

About LingQ

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LingQ was launched in late 2007 by Steve Kaufmann and his son Mark to develop better tools for language learners.

The LingQ system is based on Steve’s experiences learning languages. Until the age of 17 Steve only spoke English. After 10 years of French lessons in school, Steve still couldn’t speak it. It was at the point that Steve decided to find a way to learn languages that works.

The system that Steve developed forms the basis of the LingQ system enabling thousands of learners from all over the world to enjoy language learning and successfully reach their goals.

LingQ is a fun, simple way to learn languages from authentic, interesting content. Learning the language from the language itself, just as most people learn their own language.

Steve Kaufmann has proven that this system works – he is now fluent in 16 languages. Along with over a million LingQ members who continue to prove it every day.

Our Mission

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We are devoted to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages.

What LingQ Offers

LingQ Prices

One of the best foreign language libraries on the web. Choose from thousands of hours of audio along with matching transcripts.

Powerful vocabulary tools. Look up and save words and phrases to your own private database for later review.

LingQ Testimonials

Known words tracking system. Track and measure everything you learn at LingQ. We track which words you know and can tell you which words are new to you.

LingQ Forum

Global online community. Join live conversations, have your writing corrected, get help from personal tutors, make friends!

Take LingQ With You

Learn a language on the go with LingQ iPhone and Android apps.

Learn Languages While Surfing the Web

Get the LingQ Chrome Extension. Import any web page to LingQ with 1-click or use LingQ’s tools right there on any web page.

Meet the LingQ Team

LingQ Frequently Asked Questions

The LingQ team is always happy to answer your questions, help solve any issues and assist you along your exciting language learning journey.

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