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Virtual Pair Programmers Website

Virtual Pair Programmers Website

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Virtual Pair Programmers

Welcome to Virtual Pair Programmers, the place where Java developers get a fully rounded, modern skillset. Do you need to master different technologies and frameworks? Do you want to get your skills up to date with big data, microservices, Docker and more? Start learning with us today and you’ll become a full-stack software engineer.

About Virtual Pair Programmers

About Virtual Pair Programmers

Virtual Pair Programmers are here to help you take your programming skills to the next level. We’re a group of enthusiastic software trainers who are all professional developers, and have a really practical approach to learning – our courses are full of real world case studies and hands on examples. We teach what you need to know to be productive in the workplace and to get the job done, rather than going through each feature turn by turn. We believe that our suite of e-learning resources is one of the most comprehensive, best quality and cost effective ways to train your staff in full stack Java programming technologies.

Let the Course Come to You

Virtual Pair Programmers Courses

With over 290 hours of in depth training, instantly delivered by direct streaming to your device you can complete the courses in a timeframe that suits you.

100% Practical

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With easy to follow video instruction, delivered by professionals with decades of experience and using real world case studies, we ensure that the skills you learn can be implemented in the workplace straight away. There are plenty of exercises and tutor support as you work through our tried and tested methods.

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Our courses are available for you to preview so you can judge for yourself. We are so sure that you will want to develop your skills and knowledge with us that we also offer a free 2 day trial.

What makes us different?

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Unlike most online training platforms, we are not a marketplace – all our material is developed and produced in house by a dedicated team of professional developers and trainers. This allows us to ensure that we cover all the important topics, with no gaps, and you won’t find any duplication here either!

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Rather than covering a wide range of subjects, we concentrate just on those topics that are relevant to Java professionals. This allows us to go much deeper into topics, so when you learn with us you get the skills and background knowlege you need to genuinely create reliable, robust, efficient applications. That’s why we’re the only genuine replacement for face-to-face training.

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The free trial lasts for 2 days. During the trial, you can view up to 3 hours of ANY of the videos from our library.

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