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Totally Guitars Website

Totally Guitars Website

Learn guitar with the best

Totally Guitars

Our expert teachers make the process fun and easy!

Totally Guitars Free Guitar Lessons

From beginners to advanced, we’ve got you covered with 4,000 video lessons, over 300 major artists, and new lessons added each month.

We have tons of amazing guitar lessons waiting for you

Totally Guitars Lessons

You can get unlimited access to our continuously growing library of comprehensive, easy to follow guitar lessons, plus tips and techniques that’ll give you the RESULTS you’ve been searching for. Get ready to impress your friends in no time!

We know the difference a teacher can make

Totally Guitars Access

That’s why we put together a team, led by renowned guitarist and master instructor Neil Hogan, of nothing but the most passionate, talented and just plain brilliant teachers on the planet.

Totally Guitars Blog

You’re learning from the best in the industry! Grab a sneak peek of the latest guitar lessons, just added to the ever growing library.

Community of amazing guitarists

Totally Guitars Forum

The International Guitar Camp has taken our community to the next level. Creating true life long relationships the may have never been formed outside of Totally Guitars.

Totally Guitars Support

When not at camp, our community is actively engaged on the forum, offering advice to fellow guitarists and working together to advance their guitar skills.

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Get started now, with your FREE four-part lesson series - the Guitarists Blueprint!

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