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Piper Computer Kit Website

Piper Computer Kit Website

The Piper Computer Kit is the ultimate D.I.Y. computer-building experience, for ages 8-13. Build a REAL computer from start to finish while playing Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition to learn how to code and make STEAM connections to the real-world. Piper’s experiences are designed to give students the skills in mechanics, electronics, and software to creatively solve with technology.

Piper Computer Kit

Unlike many STEAM toys, Piper encourages students to build components, connect electronics, and explore through trial and error. Through hands on play and game-based learning, students have early confidence building experiences that spark their curiosity and inspire them to learn more.

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Based on research at Stanford University, trusted by thousands of schools, and awarded Tech Toy of the Year 2018, the Piper Computer Kit encourages engineering, design, circuitry, coding, hardware building, motor skills, problem solving, and more.

About Piper

About Piper

Piper, Inc., an award-winning edtech start-up providing best in class STEAM education opportunities was founded in 2014. From its San Francisco, CA headquarters, Piper creates compelling STEAM learning experiences for both individual learners (8 yrs.+) and for schools. Piper creates learning experiences that are student-centered, hands-on and backed by the most current teaching methods.

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Piper supports educators with an easy to implement curriculum for teaching STEAM that is standards-aligned along with professional development to ensure successful classroom implementation. Piper builds confidence in STEAM through project-based learning, spreads digital fluency to students and learners of all backgrounds and inspires the inventors of tomorrow. Piper has STEAM solutions for classrooms and for individual learners at home.

Piper’s Mission

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Our mission is to help educators inspire students using project-based learning, inquiry, and design thinking. Our STEAM experts come from diverse backgrounds and have custom-created the Piper Classroom Experience for all students and classroom environments. Piper provides equitable access to STEAM education by demystifying technology for students, teachers and families.

The Piper Experience

Piper Support

Piper offers educators a turnkey solution for teaching STEAM with a standards-aligned curriculum and professional development. Our easy to use lesson plans engage all types of learners to develop 21st century skills. With the upgraded Piper Computer Kit, the Piper Classroom Experience is more effective and seamless for all educators. Used in classrooms all over the world to inspire and engage students with coding, design-thinking, and engineering.

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Piper captures the imagination of students by harnessing their creative potential and providing tools to solve the technology challenges of tomorrow. We have created professional development and other resources for educators to ensure a successful classroom implementation.

Build a Working Computer From a Blueprint

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The Piper Computer Kit is a hands-on STEAM learning experience which allows students to learn computer science, electronics, and coding while building and using a fully functioning computer. Assemble the computer’s hardware using the Piper Computer Kit’s engineering blueprint, then learn STEAM concepts in Piper’s custom-built software.

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  • Piper engages students in a rich, tactile building experience with laser-cut wooden parts, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, and a collection of electronic components.
  • Kids build hardware and connect circuitry to progress through a captivating series of adventures in StoryMode.
  • Coding is made tangible (and more engaging) by connecting and controlling buttons, LEDs, switches, and new electronic creations.

Start With a Lesson

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The Piper Curriculum includes lesson plans that are standards aligned for grades 3-8 and includes slide decks, videos, activities, discussion questions and more. Each lesson plan can be customized to meet the needs of your program.

Engage Your Students With Piper

Piper Computer Kit For Educators

  • The Piper experience includes learning in mechanics, electronics, circuitry, and coding so that students develop the 21st century skills they’ll need for the technological future.
  • Building a Piper Computer Kit requires students to follow visuals and turn 2D images into 3D actions. They must overcome progressive challenges in an experience designed for all learners.
  • Problem-solving of the future will require students to work with others to design solutions. With Piper, students work together to build, prototype, and test their creative ideas.

Teacher Tested, Teacher Approved

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Piper is committed to positive learning outcomes and building confidence in STEAM. Learn how students in one high-need district became highly engaged with STEAM, language arts, problem solving, and cooperative learning.

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Teachers love using Piper to engage their students in hands-on learning. The Piper Computer Kit has been successfully implemented in schools all over the world.

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