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Mirantis Website

Mirantis Website

Company Overview


Mirantis provides cloud-native continuous delivery and open cloud infrastructure software to top enterprises using Spinnaker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, and related open source technologies.

About Mirantis

Our mission is to be the world’s most effective vehicle for converting open source innovation into customer value.

OpenStack, Kubernetes and Spinnaker Training

Mirantis Training Overview

OpenStack, Kubernetes and Spinnaker training from the experts. Mirantis Training helps IT professionals around the globe advance their skills in OpenStack, Kubernetes, Spinnaker and other cloud technologies. In addition to teaching a pure vendor-neutral curriculum, Mirantis Training offers a variety of course levels and formats to fit any education needs. Paired with our industry-recognized certifications, you will be equipped with the knowledge, flexibility, and adaptability to manage cloud technology environment.

Mirantis Course Catalog

Mirantis Course Catalog

Mirantis is the leading provider of Cloud Computing education, with instructor led training in more than 80 cities around the world and online. We offer a comprehensive suite of courses to address the Cloud Computing objectives of administrators, developers, and architects.

Instructor Led Training

Mirantis Frequently Asked Questions

Get industry-leading instruction in a professional classroom or online from a live senior instructor. All of our instructors are engineers first and teachers second, meaning they have a strong technical background and subject matter expertise as opposed to presenters that mainly parrot the information.

Online OnDemand Training

Mirantis Online OnDemand Training

Mirantis OnDemand training is designed to facilitate individual, or corporate training to help with accelerate the ROI of Cloud deployments. Get access to all of Mirantis courses in a single package, or choose the course-title specific to your needs. Both OpenStack & Kubernetes Training is available in Ondemand format and subscription range from 180 to 365 days. All Mirantis OnDemand courses include a free certification attempt for the applied technology.

Mirantis Certification

Mirantis Certification

Industry-recognized OpenStack and Kubernetes Certification by Mirantis. We feature the industry’s most demanding vendor-neutral exams for OpenStack and Kubernetes. Mirantis has certified over 4,500 students since beginning our program and we’re proud to have 90% of those students recommend Mirantis Certification. Our certifications evaluate and recognize a candidate’s proficiency in the technical skills most sought after by employers. This provides companies from around the world with a meaningful way to help identify the top talent that is available in the industry today.

Private Training for OpenStack, Kubernetes, and MCP

Mirantis Private Training

Our instructors will come to you with everything you need for a private onsite training. With more flexibility and classes tailored to your teams immediate needs, organizations from all industries find that private training is the scalable option for learning OpenStack, Kubernetes, and more.

Enablement and Value

Mirantis Contact

A well-trained team is your most important investment towards your private cloud roll-out, migration, and maintenance. Onsite training enables everyone on your team to learn and collaborate in a familiar and safe environment. You also gain the benefit of saving on costs associated with lost productivity, travel expenses and jet lag.

Instructors with Field Experience

Mirantis Instructors

Why Mirantis Training? Our OpenStack instructors are true masters in their field, offering the unique combination of real-world technical experience with advanced communication and teaching skills. Having first cultivated their talents as devops, system administrators, engineers, and scientists, Mirantis instructors bring these talents to the classroom – working to ensure each student receives the technical experience they need to become a true OpenStack guru.


Mirantis Training Testimonials

95% of our students go on to recommend Mirantis. But don’t just take our word for it – head to our testimonials page to see what students are saying about our training expertise.

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Mirantis Training Offers TRAINING OFFERS
Mirantis Training Offers!
Check out our last minute special offers and ongoing training discounts to save on your OpenStack training purchase.

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