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Kadenze Website

Kadenze Website

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Kadenze brings together the world’s leading colleges, universities, and industry partners to provide the best online courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Design, Music, and Math.

Kadenze pairs world-class instructors with a digital platform specifically created to support an online arts-based curriculum. Our name is the derived from the musical term, cadenza. In western music, a cadenza is an opportunity for artists to test their skills, their creativity, and their imaginations through improvisation.

About Kadenze

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Kadenze is an education technology company built to address the needs of students and faculty in the arts and creative technology. Kadenze delivers a first-of-its kind creative arts education, providing access to the highest quality online interactive courses and an engaged network of schools, instructors, and students.

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Founded in 2013 by Ajay Kapur, Ph.D., Perry Cook, Ph.D., Jordan Hochenbaum, Ph.D, Owen Vallis, Ph.D., and Ashok Ahuja, Kadenze and its supporting technologies are the product of extensive academic experience and research. Kadenze was conceived by passionate arts and creative technology educators Ajay Kapur and Perry R. Cook. In 2012, they were awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study methods of teaching computer science to non-programmers, specifically art students.

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The founding and executive team is augmented by others with deep experience in arts technology education, machine learning, and with business and serial entrepreneurial expertise.

Courses In Art And Creative Technology

Kadenze Courses

Kadenze fills a void in the online education world, as there are no arts-focused platforms that deliver the right experience or assess students’ work properly. Kadenze’s technology platform enables media-rich lessons and assignment submissions, including algorithms to analyze and measure students’ performance and progress as they complete courses.

Introducing Kadenze Programs

Kadenze Programs

Our uniquely curated Programs will help you become a Specialist in a specific subject and develop the skills you need to transform your career or prepare you for your studies.

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Becoming a specialist in a subject requires a highly tuned learning experience connecting multiple related courses. Programs unlock exclusive content that helps you develop a deep understanding of your subject. From your first course to your final summative assessment, our thoughtfully curated curriculum enables you to demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

Kadenze Certification

Kadenze Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of a course, you will receive a Course Completion Record that details all of the course’s learning outcomes (skills learned during that course). Kadenze keeps track of all your accomplishments. This verified record will be sharable with employers and institutions outside of Kadenze along with your portfolio. Kadenze also offers college credit for some courses. If you are curious about taking credit eligible courses, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Kadenze Pricing And Membership

Kadenze Membership

Kadenze allows students to choose the option that best fits their needs. Free: Enroll in any available course, watch video lectures, participate in forums. Premium: Unlock exclusive video lessons in courses, submit assignments, receive grades and feedback, and earn a verified Certificate of Accomplishment that you can share with the world and as many courses as you want! Premium Members even gain access to exclusive discounts on course materials like software – all for just $20 USD a month. Premium Members may take selected credit eligible courses for a price of $300 USD per academic credit. For our full billing policy, please refer to our billing page.

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As a Premium Member, you gain access to the Kadenze Course Catalog, as well as full student privileges. This means that you will have top courses and resources from the world’s leading institutions at your fingertips.

Discover Kadenze

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Kadenze Features

Become a student of the Kadenze community and enjoy access to the courses in our catalog, and much more.

A Global Classroom

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Collaborate with your peers, showcase your work, and learn on your own schedule with our easy-to-use interactive virtual learning environment.

College Credit

Kadenze Partners

Take your education to the next level by receiving college credit on select courses offered by our network of distinguished institutional partners. Kadenze has partnered with leading academic institutions to offer select courses for actual college credit. Upon completion, these rigorous college-level courses will provide credits that are recognized by the institutions that offer them. Participation in these courses does not represent an acceptance decision or admission from the institution that offers them. For more information, please refer to our support page on credit eligible courses. Some institutions may require additional information from you in order to generate an official academic transcript.

Kadenze For Business

Kadenze For Business

Create a Learning and Development Program with content from the world’s leading institutions and experts, designed to empower your workforce through creative thinking and applied skills.

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Kadenze Free Membership FREE
Kadenze Free Membership
Our free tier allows you to enroll in many of the courses in the Kadenze Catalog, watch video lessons, and participate in forum discussions.

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