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BestMyTest Website

BestMyTest Website

We are an educational subscription based company that helps prepare people for the TOEFL.


Our TOEFL prep course offers 10 points score improvement guarantee, 1000 TOEFL practice questions, 4 exclusive online TOEFL simulated tests, a complete TOEFL vocabulary training program, many TOEFL lessons & tips, and professional speaking and writing reviews.

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To help people get the required English proficiency scores on their first attempt.

Our Story

About BestMyTest

BestMyTest was founded by two friends, Ron Ross and James Liu.

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The two met at school British Columbia Institute of Technology where the idea of creating an online test prep website transformed into BestMyTest.

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They started with TOEFL because of the immediate need for a high quality TOEFL prep online resource at the time.

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